About Katya G. McCoy Photography.

My name is Katya McCoy and I am a social photographer that has traveled around the East Coast and a little beyond  photographing many faces and illustrating environments of the people I meet. I am currently located in the city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania  where I am attending Point Park University for photography and filmmaking. My mission here as an artist is to showcase my photography, not necessarily the techniques behind each photograph but I want my photography to exhibit who the person is in their own community and what their passion in life is. I am available to weddings, head shots, engagement photos, senior photos etc. Rates  are reasonable and do apply to each specific project. If you would like to be photographed and tell me your story please contact me. I would love to meet you. In my free time, I try to get involved as much as possible working for non profit organizations doing media management work and lending my photography services to those groups in need. I also enjoy writing, and listening to live music.

Recently I have been doing photography for local fashion blogs. Please check out some of the work here




—-Katya G McCoy

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